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About Me

Thanks for visiting! Growing up, I’ve always been rooted in self-expression and creativity, no matter what the art form:

• Co-illustrated a book in Kindergarten (for the record, I have no memory of this, only my mom does)
• Took art classes in sketching and Chinese watercoloring
• Was a choir, dance, and theatre nerd
• Created graphics for my high school community

Honestly if you name it, I’ve probably tried it. But I couldn’t be any more grateful, because I believe my upbringing has not only fostered my appreciation for art itself, but also the process of creation and its endless opportunities. Fast forward to today, I’ve found myself fascinated with the world of tech and its powerful force in our contemporary world. But at the same time, I still believe people will always be the foundational drivers of society. Combining this with my love to create, I’m passionate about making beautiful and human-centered experiences. In my free time, you can catch me at a concert, resetting at a pilates class, watching a musical on Broadway, or adventuring at a Yelp Elite event!